Below you will find a few frequently asked questions. If you have a completely different question for Tierrafino, please don’t hesitate to phone us or put your question to us online. We will answer you as soon as we can.

Does Tierrafino sell directly to specialists and private persons?

No, Tierrafino works closely with a network of specialists who can provide technical advice. An overview of the outlets is listed at tierrafino shops.

Are the products suitable for DIYers?

I-Paint and T-Paint are real do-it-yourself products. With a little practice you will also achieve a good result with Listro, Duro and Finish. Stone requires more experience.

Where can I find manuals and technical information?

All product details and safety information are available from the Downloads page. The website pages for the various finishing products also contain the relevant product sheet.

Does Tierrafino Finish clay plaster always give off color?

No. When Finish gives off color it has not been applied correctly. The final stage in the process involves wiping the surface with a sponge and brushing the surface to compact it. If this is done correctly, the surface will be wipe proof.

Is it possible to mix Tierrafino products in RAL or NCS colour codes?

Most RAL and NCS colours can be mixed. In most cases the plasterer will mix the plaster to your specifications. Tierrafino charges for the development of a colour in a specific Tierrafino product.

Where can I see the products?

Many of the shops that sell Tierrafino have a showroom where you can view our products. We recommend you phone a shop near you to ask whether the product you are interested in is on show.

How do I know which substrate I need?

The product sheets contain a summary of the most common substrates for each product with advice on how to prepare them.

The names of the colours are the same for all the products, yet the colours differ. Is that right?

That’s right. For example, Finish Delphi white is different from I-Paint Delphi white.

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