Ambitec Auckland New Zealand

Ambitec Auckland New Zealand Tierrafino Applicator/Dealer

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At Ambitec Auckland New Zealand we not only create a stunning array of surface finishes, we also seek to make the entire design and specification process of these specialist finishes as simple and as clear as possible.

Ambitec crafts high end commercial and residential interior polished plaster finishes for walls and ceilings that are enduring and beautiful in their simplicity.

Ambitec pushes the boundaries in developing finishes that respond to and re-interpret the needs of the designers and the space.

Available in four bespoke specialist finishes: Ambitec Suave, Ambitec Tierrafino, Ambitec Bone China and Ambitec Interact, each offers different properties that respond to various interior needs.

All of the Ambitec specialist surface finishes are suitable for use on prepared indoor surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, block work or bonding plaster. An optional final surface sealer ensures finish is water and stain repellent.

Tierrafino XS – utilising all the earthy properties of clay and fine sand aggregates, delivers an environmentally-friendly finish.

Through various degrees of polishing, the plaster can be honed further to enrich and deepen the depth of colour and texture. Colours swatches displayed make up our ‘selected collection’ range. Archive colours available also.

Ambitec Auckland New Zealand Tierrafino Applicator/Dealer

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